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Category Archives: Amazing facts

History of Lake Norman

As the area continues to grow there are a lot of people that may not know the history of Lake Norman.   To all these new people I would like to welcome you to the area and ask you to take a minute to read this  brief history of Lake Norman. Early History The idea for damming […]

Playboy Mansion Sold

Recently, I read in the newspaper that the Playboy Mansion had been sold.  Having grown up in the 1970’s and would sneak a peek at my Dad’s Playboy’s I felt kind of sad.  An era was coming to and end. Now that I’m in real estate I wanted to find out more about the deal […]

My Real Estate News

The construction and real estate business can be stressful.  Sometimes you need to take a break and laugh.  Sometimes you will laugh at yourself and sometimes you will laugh at other people.  Frequently, I will be posting clips and post about crazy things that happen in the construction and real estate business.  Hopefully you will […]