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Ask the Expert: Make Your Lawn the Talk of the Neighborhood

In this month’s edition of Ask the Expert, we’ll be talking all about your lawn — from keeping it healthy to adding a few extra features for standing out.

You know the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side?” Well with these tips, your grass will be greener than any other side in the neighborhood. From learning how to mow like a pro to upping your plant life, take a look at these expert tips on making your lawn stand out.

Mow Like a Pro

A lawn mower.We’re not saying you don’t know how to mow a lawn — after all, you’ve probably been doing it since you were a kid. But there are a few handy tips and tricks to make you a mowing professional. For example, try to mow when the grass is dry to avoid clumping, but don’t mow when it’s too hot outside, otherwise the grass can get heat stress.

Do you know the 1/3 Rule? In order to keep a healthy lawn, you should never cut more 1/3 of your grass down. By doing so, you risk more weeds, brown discoloration, and increased pests.

Try changing up your mowing patterns whenever you take care of your lawn to keep the growing pattern even, and de-clump your clippings if you don’t bag them up. But remember: leaving your clippings in the grass is great for keeping it green and nutrient-rich!

Take Care of the Weeds

Long grass and weeds.Weeds are the scourge of lawn maintenance, wreaking havoc on your healthy grass and plants. Okay, that may sound a little dramatic, but weeds are a serious problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ensure that weeds stay away for good.

Pre-emergent herbicide is a great solution for stopping weeds from sprouting. But if they’re already an issue, there are plenty of eco-friendly options for weed removal. First, try hand-pulling any smaller weeds, getting all the way down to the roots. Then, some natural methods of elimination, including sodium chloride, white vinegar, and borax, can help finish the job.

While not all weed removal chemicals are bad, some options are harmful to you, your pets, and your lawn. Keep your safety in mind when buying weed killer, and be sure to do your research.

Put in Some Extra Life

Yellow flowers.Does your backyard have some issues? Maybe every time it rains, you have to deal with piles of mud. Or perhaps there’s a slope in your yard that’s steadily eroding down. Whatever your problem might be, adding some extra life onto the scene could help.

When it comes to controlling an overflow of water, there are plenty of flowers and plants that can absorb extra water. If it’s a serious issue, consider turning the area into a pond and adding in some wildlife!

Facing an eroding hill and hoping to avoid a landslide? Try using stone terraces filled with shrubs and trees to anchor down the soil.

Any Questions?

Are you facing a particularly stubborn lawn issue, or curious about more tips for upping your maintenance? Give your local expert, Michael White, a call.

From helping you navigate investing to giving pointers on roof repair, I’m here to help out with every step of the real estate and home-owning experience. Any questions? Let me know!

One thought on “Ask the Expert: Make Your Lawn the Talk of the Neighborhood

  1. I just had heavy foundation work done…footer drains replaced. My entire side yard and about half of my back yard is torn up from equipment and huge piles of dirt. I live in far SW Indiana. Can I see and lawn now? What can I use/ what’s method to keep all from washing away after grading is finished?

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