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Things You Wished Your Tenants Would Remember

I’ve been managing rental units for at least ten years. There have been good tenants, and there have been bad tenants. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of crazy things and heard a lot of stupid excuses. Regardless of how much I explain my company’s policies or review the lease, most tenants are clueless about what I expect from them. Here are a few things I wished they would remember.


1. Paying Rent is Not Optional
When you signed the lease, you agreed to make a monthly payment on a specific date in exchange for living in my rental. Rent needs to take propriety over cigarettes, Xbox, widescreen TVs, and rims for the car.

2. You will lose in Court
If you are in front of a magistrate explaining why you didn’t pay your rent,  be prepared to lose. The magistrate doesn’t care about your financial or personal problems. All they care about is that you didn’t pay the rent.

3. I will evict you if we go to Court
If I take you to court, I no longer trust you to pay your rent. I prefer to work with a tenant that I don’t know.

4. Don’t Lie About the Rent
Don’t tell me you have mailed the rent when you haven’t. I know exactly how long it takes to get a letter from your rental to my office. Be honest and tell me the truth on why your rent will be late.

5. No Pets means No Pets
I will know when you sneak in a cat or dog. Cats like to sit on the window sills when you’re not home — Dogs bark when the doorbell rings.

6. I’m running a business not a charity
When you don’t pay your rent, or tear up my rental, you are taking money out of my pocket, and that gets me upset. As the landlord, I am under no obligation to cut you slack or work with you on getting your rent paid. If you need a helping hand reach out to your family, church or friend. All I want is your rent money and for you to take care of my property.

To everyone that is currently renting, remember that your landlord is aware of what is happening in and around the rental units that he owns. You may get away with something for a short time, but in the end, he will find out. The best policy is, to be honest, and upfront about problems so that they can work out together.

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