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Thinking of Selling? Here Are a Few Updates to Invest In (And a Few to Avoid)

Selling your Lake Norman home? It’s time to get to work!

If you’re hoping to add some quick resale value to your home before you sell, then you’ve come to the right place. I want to touch on three home improvement projects that will bring tremendous value to your home, and three that aren’t quite worth it.

Ready to begin?

Home Improvement Projects That Are Worth It

You don’t have to be a master builder to complete these projects. In fact, many of them simply require a weekend at home with a couple of friends.

New construction bathroom interior.Basic Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, after all. For this minor remodel, you’ll want to focus on the tub, the sink fixtures, and the walls. Re-caulk your tub and glaze it to make it look like new.

Consider switching out the sink fixtures if they look worn or dated. Repair any wall damage yourself and re-paint a nice, neutral color.

Basic Kitchen Remodel

Remember what we said about bathrooms and kitchens? Focus on minor cosmetic details for this remodel. Replace sink fixtures and install a water filtration system.

You should also consider sanding down your cabinets and repainting them a bright, clean new color. Nothing too crazy! You’ll want to keep things nice and neutral for selling your home.

Exterior Upgrades

Now that we’ve shown your home’s interior a little TLC, let’s take a closer look at the front and backyard. If your front door looks worn in any way, re-paint it a trendy (but neutral) new color. Consider performing some minor landscaping to keep the front lawn looking nice and well-maintained.

For the backyard, an easy way to add some value and attract homebuyers is by building a fire pit! This is an easy DIY project that won’t take more than a few hours in the backyard.

Home Improvement Projects to Avoid

Fancy glass chandelier. With so many different listicles and tutorials out there on DIY home improvement projects, it can be easy to become sidetracked and lose focus on what’s important. Here’s a list of home improvement projects that are a waste of time (and money) when it comes to adding resale value to your home.

  • Lighting fixtures that are too lavish or unique
  • Dated wall paper
  • Ceiling textures
  • Creative tiling
  • Removing closets to upgrade a room’s size
  • Adding a sunroom
  • Installing a swimming pool

Looking for an Expert Opinion on Selling Your Home?

I’d be more than happy to do a walk-through of your home with you and see where improvements can be made! With years of experience selling homes in the greater Lake Norman area, and a successful track record at delivering results, I can provide valuable advice for selling your home.

Give me a call today to get started!

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