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The Best Charlotte Neighborhoods to Find Rental Properties

The skyline of Downtown CharlotteThe City of Charlotte is a vibrant, quickly-growing metropolitan area. With the increase in population, there comes a great demand for rental properties in prime locations. There are tons of unique quality neighborhoods within the city, and we offer a variety of rental options to choose from in each of them.

If you’re looking to rent an apartment or home in Charlotte, we’ve taken the liberty of looking into some of the top neighborhoods to find your new place. Take a look at the list below, and browse a few of the properties available in the area.

Myers Park

A closeup of leaves on a tree.Myers Park is an impressive neighborhood known for its beautiful architecture and tree-lined streets. Originally slated to be the first suburb of Charlotte, the neighborhood now sits just south of Downtown Charlotte. Residents can enjoy museums, hip breweries, and five-star restaurants.

Thanks to the upscale reputation of the neighborhood, Myers Park is a great place to find a rental property. Options here include modern and luxurious apartment buildings, standalone duplexes, and gorgeous townhomes.


A streetcar in motion.Located right next to the heart of Downtown Charlotte, Elizabeth beautifully blends the history of the city with modern growth. The streetcar from the early 1900s still runs through the neighborhood, though it’s been replaced with a much more sophisticated model.

With its downtown-adjacent location, Elizabeth offers a unique opportunity to live in the midst of the excitement and charm of Charlotte. Rental properties in the neighborhood include quaint standalone homes, high-end and chic apartments, and more simplistic and affordable units.

South End

A ground level view of skyscrapersOne of the hippest, trendiest, and most vibrant neighborhoods in the city, South End is located close to Uptown and right along the light rail line. If you’re looking for an active city life filled with arts, culture, and a top-notch culinary scene, then South End is the perfect neighborhood for you.

With its bustling brewery circuit and diverse restaurants, living in South End puts you right in the middle of one of the trendiest places in the city. The rental properties here are almost exclusively luxury and high-rise apartments.


An outdoor farmer's marketDilworth boasts several different notable features, from large parts of the neighborhood being on the National Register of Historic Places to its incredibly convenient walkability factor. The charm of Dilworth comes from its rich history, wealth of community events, and quaint white picket fences.

Rental properties in Dilworth are largely standalone homes with picturesque features, but there is also a variety of apartment buildings and townhomes to choose from.

Find Your Next Rental Property in Charlotte

Charlotte boasts a variety of the most unique and vibrant neighborhoods in the state. Whether you’re looking for charming tree-lined streets or a high-rise in the middle of the city, we offer rental properties for all of your wants and needs.

Contact me, Michael White, today for more information or set schedule a showing of any of these properties.

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