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Stress-Free Success: Why You Should Sell Your Home with Michael White

Nobody wants to be sold on something. If you’ve ever been to a car dealership or a boutique shop, you know what I mean. Buyers tend to shy away from pushy sales people, because they’re only in the shop to buy something. There’s a big difference between buying something and being sold on something. At least, that’s how I run my business.

When it comes to selling your home, I work closely with potential buyers to figure out what kind of emotional pull they have towards your home. I get to know their specific needs and wants in a home, and then help them determine that your home is the one that’s right for them.

See how that’s better than simply selling them on it?

Real Estate is an Emotional Transaction

A photo of happy man lifting woman in new house. Side view of loving and excited couple are in casuals. They are with cardboard boxes at entrance.After all, this is much bigger than buying a blouse or even a car. In real estate, you’re buying a home for yourself and your loved ones. More than that, you’re buying into a community that will inevitably shape your lifestyle and determine your overall quality of life.

Because it’s such a big decision, everyone needs a careful guide to help them through it. When I sell your home, I want to make sure I sell it to the right people. The kind of people who know that your home is in fact their dream home. That way, you get the money you deserve for selling your home, and they get something too: the home that’s just right for them.

I Treat Every Client As if They Were My Only Client

In doing so, I really get to know each client and the intricacies of their situation. When selling your home, I’ll walk through each room to really understand what makes it tick. In doing so, and in talking with you about your unique goals in selling it, I develop a better understanding of why someone will want to live there.

Then, using that knowledge, I am able to find the perfect buyer for it. It’s not about being a sales person, it’s about being a people person. I’m not going to sell potential buyers on why they should buy your home. I’m going to show them exactly why it’s the perfect home for them, and why buying it is going to lead to their overall happiness.

Helpful Real Estate Resources

As you’re getting ready to sell your Lake Norman or Charlotte area home, take advantage of my free home-selling tools. You can request a home evaluation to learn your home’s most competitive listing price, see what homes in your neighborhood have sold for, and learn awesome staging tips to get your home seller ready.

Let’s Discuss Your Plans

Real estate success is not unattainable. You just need the right agent on your side who will go above and beyond to deliver the results you deserve.

Give me a call today to learn more about your options in the greater Lake Norman area. Day or night, rain or shine, I’m always available to help you achieve your goals.

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