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These are the Must-Have Features for Investment Properties

If you’re thinking about investing in Charlotte real estate, sit down and buckle up! I want to let you know about the two most important features to look for in an investment property.

Are you planning on purchasing a single-family home to rent out to tenants? You’re in the right place. To demonstrate these two important features, I’m going to reference one of my recent listings. It just went under contract, but it’s a good example of what makes a great investment property.

Without further ado, here are the two must-have features in an investment property.

Location, Location, Location

Front exterior shot of a red paneled townhome made of brick.10231 Reindeer Way Lane is in the perfect location for renters! It’s minutes away from 485, I-77, and North Lake Mall. When you live in this community, it’s so easy to get to uptown Charlotte for work or fun.

Basically, when someone is looking for a good rental property they’re going to prioritize location. Tenants want to be close to work or school, or any other commitments they may have in the area. The ideal rental property will be close to major highways or expressways, as well as shopping centers like North Lake Mall.

So, when you’re looking for the perfect property to invest in, you want to be sure the location is stellar.

Easy to Maintain

Spacious kitchen interior with a chandelier and wood cabinets.Whether you’re going to provide the maintenance yourself or hire a property management company, you want to invest in a property that’s smaller and easier to maintain. That’s why 10231 Reindeer Way Lane works so well as an investment!

It’s a townhome, so while it’s still spacious and luxurious on the inside, it’s not too large to where maintaining it is a lot of extra work.

If you plan on using your real estate investment as a rental property, easy maintenance is a must. Don’t get something so large, like an expansive single-family home, that you end up spending thousands of dollars every couple of months to maintain it.

Check the Conditions Before You Buy

As with any other major purchase, you definitely want to check the home’s conditions before you buy. 10231 Reindeer Way Lane is a good purchase because of its selling condition.

With freshly painted walls, new vinyl planking in the kitchen and dining room, and all-new appliances, this property is perfect for a first-time investor.

Searching for Your Own Investment Property?

Let’s talk. I would love to give you a list of fantastic single-family homes, townhomes, or condos currently on the market in the greater Charlotte and Lake Norman area. Give me a call today to get started!

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