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3 Tips for Investing in Single-Family Rental Homes

I’ve written about it before, but I am a firm believer in the power of real estate investing. When done correctly, investing in real estate as a rental property is a great way to supplement income and build long lasting wealth.

However, let’s go back to square one. Say you’re just starting out in the investing game. There’s a lot to learn in order to make good choices in real estate. That’s why I offer so many complimentary real estate resources on my site. From my first-time homebuyers guide to my many blog posts about investing, I want to equip you with as much information as possible to make solid real estate decisions.

In this blog post, I’m going to give you three tips for investing in single-family homes. Have any questions about investing I haven’t covered yet? Give me a call today!

Know What You’re Investing In

Two-story brick home in a suburb.Before choosing a particular home to invest in, do some research! Being too informed never hurt anybody, especially when it comes to financial decisions. Thoroughly research the area you’re going to invest in, and don’t be afraid to invest outside of the town you live in!

There are many wonderful communities in the greater Lake Norman area that would make a prime spot for investing.

Keep Investing and Operating Separate

By hiring a property management company to oversee the day-to-day operations of your rental property. This will save you boatloads of time, money, and stress. These companies will make sure your property is leased, properly maintained, and well taken care of.

Though they charge around 7 to 8% of the monthly rent, over time you’ll find their services are more than worth it.

Keep in Mind that Investing is a Process

Two people sitting across a table from each other with an investment plan on paper in between them.Financial success won’t happen overnight. Invest time, money, and care into a property to maintain it and watch your income grow as the years go by.

Real estate is a long-term investment that may fluctuate over time as the market changes. Try not to be discouraged by those fluctuations.

I’ll Be Your Real Estate Investment Guide

Information is key when it comes to finding the right single-family investment property for you. That’s where I come in. I know the Lake Norman area like the back of my hand, and I have complete confidence that this community is perfect for real estate investments.

Ready to begin your investment journey? I’m only ever a phone call away.

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