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The Upsides of Selling Your Home For Sale by Owner

selling for sale by owner in lake normanThinking of selling a home in Lake Norman but not sure if you want to use an agent? Here are five reasons to forsake using an agent and go it alone, the For Sale by Owner way.

1. You’ll Make More Money

Since you won’t be paying an agent, you’ll get to pocket that extra 5 – 6% commission. That adds up when you’re talking about the price of a house. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll still have to pay the buyers agent’s commission—or only accept those few buyers working without an agent.

2. You Set the Price

If you’ve asked an agent the value of your home, they’ll likely have pulled some comparative sales to see how similar homes in your neighborhood are selling, then named a price competitive with those prices. Maybe it’s not the price you wanted to hear, but without an agent, you can set the price wherever you’d like it. Just be aware that a house priced too high isn’t likely to sell, especially if similar homes are selling for decide pricing, advertising, and availability when selling for sale by owner

3. You Decide on Repairs and Staging

Don’t let an agent waste your time and money telling you you should paint the walls, fix that squeaky floorboard, or reshingle your roof. The repair decisions are in your hands. If you want to sell your home as-is, that’s entirely up to you. Make sure you’re setting the price right to reflect a home without all the necessary repairs—or expect hidden problems to surface during inspections.

4. You Control the Process

No need to worry about your agent’s availability or schedule—you’re in the driver’s seat. That means you take the calls, answer the emails, schedule the showings. Be sure that you’re as available to buyers as possible—even if that means leaving work early to meet a buyer or stepping out of a meeting to take a call.stressed out trying to sell home for sale by owner

5. You Control the Advertising, Too

Think your agent’s wasting money on all those fancy photos, aerial photography, and professional staging? Why not just take some photos with your cell phone and post them up on forsalebyowner or Just don’t expect any of the buyers searching through the MLS to find your home. And you lose out on the benefit of contacting buyers through personal emails via a Realtor network, too.

Selling a Home is a Full-Time Job

Selling a home FSBO puts you in the driver’s seat and saves you some agent commission… but that’s about all it does. The reality of selling FSBO is that it’s a lot of time and headache—and with the lost marketing and potential for pricing and legal mistakes, doesn’t always pay off in the end.

Ready to Forsake FSBO and Work with a Great Agent?

If you’re thinking of selling a home in the Lake Norman area, then it’s time to contact Michael White. As your guide to all things real estate throughout the area, I’m here to help you find the value of your home, get it ready to sell, and list it successfully. Give me a call today to learn more.

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