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Simple Ways to Protect Your Home When Selling

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After months of thinking about it you have finally decided that it is time to sale your home.   You’ve interviewed prospective listing agents, you’ve come up with a sales price and the FOR SALE sign is in the front yard.  As you prepare to sale your home make sure you take the time to protect your home and personal belongings from vandals and thieves.    Protecting your home is easy and does not have to be expensive.   Here a few common sense suggestions to protect your home.

1.  Check Your Insurance Policy

Before strangers begin walking thru your home contact your insurance agent and ask them to check your home insurance policy to make sure you have the proper coverage.   Your agent can tell you if you need to purchase any additional insurance such as Vandalism and Malicious Mischief Coverage.

2. Use Interior and Exterior  Lighting

If your home is vacant the worst thing you can do is leave it sitting dark for an extended amount of time.   A dark house is a target and is an invitation to criminals.   To protect the house make sure that the exterior is properly lit at night.  Use motion activated exterior lights  so that they turn on when someone approaches the house.    Light up the interior of the house with lamps . Make sure they are on timers so they will turn on and off during the evening hours when someone is expected to be at home.

3. Secure Your Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse is a huge problem and addicts are everywhere.   Don’t give an addict access to your prescripno-trespassing-798849_640ions.  Go thru your medicine cabinet and throw away all empty prescription bottles.   Secure all prescription drugs in a safe that is screwed to the floor.

4.  Remove All Family Pictures

You should consider removing all family photos to prevent potential stalkers or pedophiles from knowing the persons who live in the house.  This is also a good way to de-clutter your house.   Remember the goal is to draw the buyers attention to the features of the house not your personal pictures.

5.  Check Windows and Doors

Check your windows and doors for secure closings before and after showings. If someone is looking to get back into your home following a showing or an open house, they will look for weak locks or they might unlock a window or door.

6. Secure Your Personal Belongings

Remove or lock up precious belongings and personal information. You will want to store your jewelry, family air looms, and personal/financial information in a secure location to keep them from getting displaced or stolen.

Protecting your home is not hard and does not have to be expensive.   All it takes is a few minutes of serious thought and planning.  If you have any doubts contact your local law enforcement agency and they will be happy to provide you suggestions.

If you have any other security tips feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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