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Selling Your Home In The Fall

kid in leavesSummer is now officially over.  The kids are back in school.   Hot muggy summer days are being replaced by cool days and the leaves are beginning to change color.   Before too long the holidays will be upon us.  A lot of sellers believe that it will be impossible to sale their home once the busy summer season has ended.  I’m here to tell you that is not correct.  Fall is a great time of the year to sale your home.  Buyers looking during the Fall sales season are  serious about finding a home before the cold of winter sets in.  Take advantage of this time of year by properly preparing you home to sale.

Here are a few tips to consider:

Focus on your homes curb appeal.  The first impression a Buyer receives is when they pull into the driveway of your home.  Make sure that the landscaping is in peak condition.   Summer flowers have come and gone,  spruce up the front of the house with pots of brightly colored plants such as mums.

Make sure the yard is raked.  The goal is to make sure that potential buyers can see the home and yard not shapeless figures covered with leaves. Keep in mind that as the leaves fall and plants go dormant, chipped paint or dirty siding might become noticeable.   Tahouse leaveske care of these minor issues before they become a major issue.

As the weather turns cooler focus on the coziness of your home.  The goal is to show potential buyers how warm, inviting and cozy your home can be.  If you have a fire place, stack firewood on the hearth as if you are ready to build a fire.   Add cozy touches such as an afghan thrown over the back of the couch. Place a few scented candles around the house.

Don’t go overboard on holiday decorations. If you are someone that goes all out decorating the yard and house with holiday decorations you need to hold your self in check.   Remember the goal is to sale your house.  In order to accomplish that goal the buyer needs to be able to visualize themselves living their.   You want the buyer to focus on the features of the home not your holiday decorations.

Brighten up your home.  Fall is a beautiful time of the year.  However, it can be a little gloomy.   Sunset comes sooner because the days are shorter and its starts getting cold outside.   That is why you need to make sure that your home is as bright as possible.   Make sure that you have warm inviting light bulbs in the light fixtures.  Make sure that the window shades are up so that afternoon sunlight can entire the house.

I know that you have heard this one before, remove the clutter from your home   Make the closet switch now from summer to fall, so that everything is neat and clean and in its proper place before your first showing. Clean out the kids’ rooms, spend some time reorganizing the home office, and be sure to tidy up the garage. Buyers will pay attention to all of those fine details

Selling a home during the Fall is a challenge.  It won’t be easy but it is possible.  The key is to develop a plan that makes your home bright, warm and inviting.



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