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Denver Real Estate Update-August 2016


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Summer is coming to a close.   Kids are going back to school. The leaves are beginning to change and the temperatures will start to cool down.   Here is the recap of real estate activity in Denver.   Hope you find this information to be beneficial.

Overall Market Activity August 2018

Sales Price
Total Sales122
1 million43,774321,090,000.002.75
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Zoning News

ZMA #628 Daniel Williams Jr., applicant (Parcel ID# 89937) A request to rezone 16.7 acres from I-G (General Industrial) to R-T (Transitional Residential). The property is located on the east side of South Industrial Park Road about 2,400 feet south of Salem Church Road in Ironton Township.  The Planning Board voted 9-0 to recommend approval.

PD #2016-4 Lawrence W. Mashburn & Assigns, applicant (Parcel ID# 86604, 34085, 58241, 32399, 32520, 32514, 34090, and 34096) A request to rezone 89.25 acres from R-SF (Residential Single-Family), R-T (Residential Transitional) and B-N CZ (Neighborhood Business Conditional Zoning) to PD-R (Planned Development-Residential) to permit a subdivision with up to 198 single-family detached homes. The property is located between N.C. 16 Business and Saint James Church Road about 2,700 feet south of their intersection in Catawba Springs Township. The Planning Board voted 9-0 to recommend approval.Building-Permits-and-Commercial-Remodeling

PCUR #140-2A Westport Construction Partners, LLC (Parcel ID# 91829) A request to amend a conditional use planned development district to alter the layout of an area approved for 74 zerolot-line houses and to allow 42 additional zero-lot-line houses in a portion of an area approved for 52 single-family detached houses, decreasing the number of single-family detached houses by 19. The request involves a 36.7-acre tract located south of Shanklin Lane and north of Lake Shore Road South in Catawba Springs Township.  T h e P l a n n i n g B o a r d v o t e d 8 – 0 t o r e c o m m e n d a p p r o v a l w i t h a c o n d i t i o n t h a t t h e  required number of plantings for the Class B buffer be based on Alternative 1 (10 feet) instead of Alternative 2 (15 feet).     

CUP #360 Doug and Karen Lusk, applicants (Parcel ID# 91735) A request for a conditional use permit to allow a winery and a hall for hosting weddings, receptions, reunions, Christmas parties and other events in the R-T (Transitional Residential) district. The proposed 17.4-acre site is located on the west side of King Wilkinson Road at Mundy Road in Catawba Springs Township. T h e P l a n n i n g B o a r d v o t e d 9 – 0 t o r e c o m m e n d a p p r o v a l w i t h a c o n d i t i o n t h a t a minimum of two acres of grapes be planted before an AB C permit is approved.

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