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The construction and real estate business can be stressful.  Sometimes you need to take a break and laugh.  Sometimes you will laugh at yourself and sometimes you will laugh at other people.  Frequently, I will be posting clips and post about crazy things that happen in the construction and real estate business.  Hopefully you will laugh or at least smile.  If you have any real estate related stories send them to me at

Questions: How much does a 2,100 square foot home weigh? And how much can a two-lane rural route bridge support?

Why did the house cross the bridge? To get itself wedged into the bridge and cause it to collapse, that’s why.

A moving company hauling a 2,100 square foot home took a wrong turn and ended up crossing a bridge that just quite couldn’t conform to the large girth of the house. The house became lodged in between the concrete bridge, and the timber supports gave way under the weight of the heavy load. They were less than 5 kilometers from their destination.

The movers claim that the municipal district gave them the ok, but the folks in the Rocky view district disagree. According to the Calgary Herald, Ted McCauley, manager of protective services stated “While the company held provincial permits, Township Road 250 is a municipal road and the movers were told not to use it”.

The bridge is completely destroyed, the house stuck and damaged, and the bill for this complete wreckage is going to be handed to… (drum-roll please) the moving company, which was no surprise.

So, do you think this is covered under automotive insurance, homeowner insurance, or roadside assistance? Do you think AAA would help either?

Original article from Calgary Herald

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